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GAMA Microwave Technology Limited... established1983 to provide an independent source for all microwave appliance and food heating technology requirements, which comprise the following

Microwave & Thermal Oven Calibration
On-site oven calibration services for food producing and retail supply outlets, meeting BS EN and UK food industry standards.
Microwave Food Heating Technology
On-site product evaluation services using fibre optic thermometry to determine the foods heating profile within a dynamic microwave energy heating environment.

See http://www.gamamicrowave.com/ for more information.

Thermal Oven Temperature Determination
Accurate heating control dial Off-Set positioning or cavity visual temperature determination systems, installed and calibrated meeting UKAS traceable requirements, for centre-of-cavity or other specific heating zone locations.

See Calibration Services for more information.

Microwave Appliance Development
Having assisted with some of the world's most innovative microwave appliance developments, GAMA is now introducing a new method of microwave energy generation using solid-state components, suitable for oven & home laundry applications.

See “Beanzawave” for more information.

Microwave Technology Training
Comprehensive microwave appliance and food technology training provided, usually free-of-charge to GAMA clients.



Understanding microwave ready meal heating guidelines



During 2008 we will be publishing a series of articles on understanding microwave ready meal heating guidelines, presented by Gordon Andrews, Managing Director of GAMA Microwave Technology and UK Microwave Association Technical Officer, to provide some general insight into this ever-expanding food industry phenomenon. The idea being that Gordon provides a sequence of topics, inviting you to ask questions when necessary, responding either by e-mail: mail@gamaconsultants.com or Tel: +44 (0)20 8309 9222.

GAMA provides specialist microwave services for retail suppliers and food producing organisations. This includes food temperature profiling, assistance with food packaging solutions, plus on-site thermal and microwave oven calibration services meeting British Standards BS EN and food industry requirements. We also endeavour to keep our clients regularly up-dated, by providing free-of-charge presentations on the latest in microwave food heating and cooking appliance technology, whilst maintaining our normal on-site duties .... see website: www.gamaconsultants.com and follow the links.

Lewis Napleton

For the next two issues I have asked Lewis Napleton FIH, FCMI, who has been  closely associated with the introduction and pioneering of microwave ovens since their introduction over 50 years ago, to give us his views.  Apart from his work with J Lyons, Philips and Litton Industries he has had six books published about modern commercial and domestic foodservice topics, on which he has also been a prolific freelance author of technical subjects for many publications.

Lewis is also the editor of HIGHLIGHTS the UK Microwave Association newsletter, and he can be contacted on Email: lewisnapleton@btinternet.com


Issue No. 1
January 2008

How microwaves interact with food substances

Addendum to Issue 1
January 2008


Issue No. 2
February 2008

What does “Microwave Power and Declared Oven Wattage" really mean?

Issue No. 3
March 2008

Understanding Microwave Ready Meal Heating Guidelines

Issue No. 4
April 2008

Background to the Regeneration of Ready Meals using Microwave Heating in two parts.
Part 1 - The Challenge

Issue No. 5
May 2008

Background to the Regeneration of Ready Meals using Microwave Heating in two parts.
Part 2 - The Justification

Issue No. 6
Sept 2008

Salt, Sugar & Fat Reduction

Issue No. 7
Feb 2011

Microwave Crisping & Browning of Food


Coming soon …

... Industrial microwave food production considerations
... Breakthrough in Even-Heating Microwave Technology

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